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GyeongGi-Do Transportation Information is paving the future of traffic information in Korea

We put from continuous effort to minimize the inconvenience of users and enhance the transportation service and increase the safety by providing up-to-date traffic information.

Founding Goal of GyeongGi-Do Transportation Information Center
GyeongGi-Do Transportation Information Center currently plays a crucial role as a hub that connects 31 local traffic centers in GyeongGi-Do and was founded with the goal of providing up-to-date traffic information to users, Thus enabling them to reduce travel time, While using the roads safely and more effciently.
GyeongGi-Do Transportation Information Center?
GyeongGi-Do Transportation Information Center monitors and manages traffic condition on a real-time basis. Through the data collection equipment and linked traffic organizations, we gather traffic condtion and weather information in real-time. Gathered information is analyzed and processed in a thorough manner. All important traffic information and related data is shown via road variable-message sign, lane control system, internet, traffic broadcasting channel, SMS, and traffic information call center (1688-9090).